A Flower in the Far South: DVD available

dvdsud sudbisA Flower in the Far South tells a new page of the  Poupon’s family history across the world on board their yacht ‘Fleur Australe’. New departure from Piriapolis in Uruguay where the boat has hibernated since the last expedition in Oceania and the Antarctic. 6 sailors are present on this new journey: Philippe Poupon, the captain, Géraldine Danon, their two daughters Laura and Marion, Ernesto, Stéphanie and the crew. Loup will join Fleur Australe in Ushuaïa late December. In the programme of this new journey, the coast of Argentina, Valdes Peninsula and South Georgia where we can find large numbers of birds, penguins and sea elephants. www.fleuraustrale.fr http://www.franceo.fr/emissions/o-bout-du-monde