templiers2rouleau interrogatoire-archives nationales-v2 An extraordinary journey back in time. Paris, October 2010. Inside a covered market of the 19th century located in the heart of Paris, an exceptional archaeological excavation is taking place at the place where the Knights of the Temple erected an enclosure in the 12th century on their return from Jerusalem and kept their sought- after huge treasure. New information of historic importance from the dig as well as unreleased archives from Vatican city will be revealed to the historians. In the graveyard are buried the men who participated in the Crusades and who were later persecuted by the King of France. Who were they? What did they do to upset King Philip IV of France? Was the King merely jealous of their power and richness? Which events befell their leader and disgraced him? The film retraces the entire history of the Knights of the Temple, through the excavations and archives scenes.

Le film est nominé au Festival du film archéologique de Nyon en Suisse. Il est projeté le mercredi 25 mars 2015.