48 chili alma A young French couple, Clémentine Bacri and Adrien Normier set off on a one year-long journey around the planet on board a light aircraft dedicated to science and education. Their goal: offer aerial support to public research laboratories, a unique opportunity to discover scientific activities and use them to teach science at school. In research areas, the crew has implemented observation and modeling techniques that are key elements for research. The project is mentored by scientist Pierre Lena, member of the Sciences Academy.

Client: PLANETE+ THALASSA Format: 4x26', 52' Réalisation: Samy EL HOURCH, Marianne CRAMER, Clémentine BACRI, Adrien NORMIER Diffusion: 29 mai Coproduction: UNIVERSCIENCE TV Production: DOCLAND YARD, GEDEON PROGRAMMES Diffuseur: PLANETE+ THALASSA