Coasts of Brazil on DVD

After the production of French Coastlines (10×52’, 3D 90’), France between Sky and Seashore (90’) and Europe’s Coastlines from above (10×26’, 50×6’), GEDEON PROGRAMMES teams up with GULLANE, a leading brazilian production company, to produce a series on the Coasts of Brazil. This 5×52’ series will document the beauty and richness of its 8.000 kilometer-long coasts, focusing on their natural and geographical aspects but also on the country’s economy and cultural facets. A captivating journey through a multiple exploration: aerial, terrestrial, marine as well as cultural and human.

Episodes :
The Amazon
The Nordeste
The East
The South East
The South

Director (shooting): Ombline de la Grandière.
Director (dubbing): Nicolas Moncadas