French audiovisual Group GEDEON Programmes is a major actor of international production. Documentaries, feature-films, TV shows, short programmes, GEDEON PROGRAMMES, its main entity, produces about 80 hours every year in the fields of science, nature, history and culture. The films are shot in HD and can contain special effects, CGI, reconstitutions and fiction. With over 800 hours in its catalogue, GEDEON Programmes has received more than 350 awards since it was created in 1994. Terranoa (created in 2000) is the international distribution company directed by Emmanuelle Jouanole and Isabelle Graziadey (85% GEDEON). The Group includes a department specialized in corporate films. Headed by Thibaut Martin, DOCLAND YARD was created in 2012 and produces science, technology, factual and investigation documentaries. BILOBA FILMS is the branch specialized in theatrical feature films created in 2012 with the production of AMAZONIA.

The branches and departments.

Cinema production.


Production of documentaries and TV shows on science and technology for cable and satellite networks.
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International distribution


Corporate films:


Video department.